Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)

Application fields: IR optics; electrooptical modulators; substrates; detectors; crystal pieces for vacuum deposition.
CAS # 1306-25-8
Growth methods: HPVB or HPVZM
Structure Cubic zincblende
Density:  5.85 g/cm3
Knoop Hardness: 45 kg/mm2
Young’s Modulus: 3.7´1011 dyne/cm2
Rupture Modulus: 2.2´108 dyne/cm2
Poisson Ratio: 0.41
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 5.9´10-6/K
Specific Heat: 0.21 J/gK
Thermal conductivity (at 25 oC): 0.06 W/cmK
Max. Transmittance (l =7-12 mm): ³ 66 %
Absorption Coefficient (l =10.6 mm): £ 0.003 cm-1 (including 2 surfaces)
Thermo-Optic Coefficient (dn/dT): 11.0 (l =10.6 mm)
Refractive index (l =10.6 mm): 2.69
Electrooptical coefficient r41 (l =10.6 mm): 6.8´10-12 m/V
Max. IR-optic blank diameter/length: Æ 40´45 mm
Max. single crystal diameter/length: Æ 40´30 mm

Transmittance spectra


Concentration of impurities by GDMS in 5N CdTe crystals (PDF file)

Concentration of impurities by GDMS in 6N CdTe crystals (PDF file)

Material Safety Data Sheet