Cadmium Tungstate (CdWO4)

Single crystals

Application fields Scintillators
Growth method Czochralski
Structure Monoclinic
Cleavage plane  (010)
Melting point 1325 oC
Density:  7.9 g/cm3
Wavelength of max. emission 475 nm
Light yield (photons/keV) 13-14
Decay constant 10000+/-5000 ns
Refractive index at emission maximum 2.15 (//<010>), 2.23 (//<100>)
Light output relative to NaI(Tl) 40+/-5 %
Max. crystal diameter Æ 50 mm

"As grown" single crystals and some elements
Polished CdWO4 Æ 50 mm

(resolution of about 14 %)

Material Safety Data Sheet